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Lisa Lew

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Lisa Lew is a four-time Emmy Award-winner and founding producer of shows that redefined news, newsmagazines and re-branded genres of daytime non-fiction programming in America; shows such such as television’s number one daytime hit “Judge Judy” and the revolutionary drug court  “Last Shot With Judge Gunn.”   Her syndication hits have included “A Current Affair” “Hard Copy”  "The “Montel Williams Show” among many others. 

Lisa's P&L Media team created and produced the hit Netflix documentary “Kardashian – The  Man Who Saved OJ Simpson."   Lew and her husband Peter Brennan head P&L Media, an award-winning production company responsible for a slate of documentaries for US and international markets, such as the recent “El Chapo And Sean Penn – Bungle In The Jungle”  and the Time Inc documentaries  “Celebrities On Trial”   “’80’s Stars - Where Are they Now?” and “Time Presents - Milestones:  A Tribute to the Stars We’ve Lost”.


I love the Emmys .and our daytime community. It's one time of year when we're all in the same room, where our presence  acknowledges appreciation for each other's work. Actors, writers, producers and all the arts and crafts folk get to mix and share our worlds. Kind of like that end of year big office party. It's a chance to meet and say thanks to our sponsors who in daytime become a part of the fabric of our shows  --  talk, magazine, morning news programs. Only in daytime can their brands be directly discussed, demonstrated, worn and evaluated in segments within the programs and communicate directly with the marketplace.  In the Golden Gift Lounge and the Style Lounge we strive to create events that integrate the shows and the talent with the brands that support. them.  Daytime TV is in people's lives every day, hosted by the most recognised and trusted personalities on television delivering truly helpful information for our viewers' children, health, romance, wedding plans, home or what to get for mom on Mother's Day. We want to relate to our brands personally -- 365 days a year.